January 7, 2021 / Gouhar Nayeem

Membership Resolutions for 2021

The new year ushers in opportunities to establish better habits and accomplish personal goals. At AIHA, we pledge increased resolve in working toward our vision of a world where all workers are healthy and safe.

Here are some ways AIHA members (including organizational members) can make this year more prosperous and productive:

Update Your Member Profile

Updating your member profile is the easiest of resolutions. Start the year off right by reviewing and updating your personal information. Keeping your profile current customizes your membership experience and keeps you in the loop. Simply click on “Update my Individual Profile” in the Member Center and provide as much information as possible for a tailored experience.

Participate in a Volunteer Group

Participation in a volunteer group is one of the most important ways you can increase your visibility, grow professionally, and advance the profession. Last year alone, our volunteers produced over twenty-six Back to Work Safely™ guidance documents, each focusing on a specific industry sector and aimed at small businesses. Volunteers also produced additional resources on topics such as engineering controls, cleaning and disinfection strategies, and PPE. Other volunteers are working to translate these materials into Spanish.

As a result of the achievements of our volunteer community and the growing library of COVID-19 materials, AIHA has received ample attention from media outlets (such as ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and USA Today). Several media organizations have interviewed our members for various articles that reference AIHA. Employers, employees, and the general public see AIHA as an expert source, which boosts members’ visibility and credibility.

To participate in a volunteer group, fill out the form on the AIHA website.

Join Catalyst

If you haven’t already joined the Catalyst community, this would be your next step to make the most of your membership. Catalyst is now downloadable on your phone, which puts the discussions, communities, and announcements at your fingertips. Once you become accustomed to the community, consider posting a new discussion thread on something you find interesting, join a community and participate, or make connections with your fellow members.

Review the Code of Conduct

Being accountable and conducting ourselves in a professional manner with respect, honesty, confidentiality, and professionalism will help in our interactions with our fellow members, colleagues, and staff. Take some time to review the Membership and Volunteer Code of Conduct so that our AIHA community is a positive and safe place where we are accountable for our behavior and the manner in which we interact with others.


If you haven’t mentored before, consider doing so this year. The growth of the profession depends on students and early career professionals. Mentorship may help you improve your communication and personal skills, develop leadership and management qualities, reinforce your own knowledge of a subject, boost your confidence and motivation, enhance your CV, and further your volunteer experience. You can earn CE credits for your time if you are able to maintain an active mentoring relationship for at least 6 months. You have to be an AIHA member to serve as a mentor. More information is available on Catalyst.

Invest in Yourself

Between juggling our home life and our careers, it can be difficult to carve out time to invest in ourselves to progress personally and professionally. AIHA can help your professional development through AIHA University and CareerAdvantage—you just have to find the time to utilize these resources.

This year, take the time to learn something new, take a PDC, attend a webinar (or perhaps even teach one), or become a distinguished lecturer depending on your experience. Check out AIHA University for course offerings.

If you are seeking a job or looking to polish your CV or interview skills, this is the year you need to visit CareerAdvantage. Job seeking doesn’t have to be difficult: just browse through the job board and see what best suits you while getting expert advice on how to impress hiring managers.

Resolutions shouldn’t be daunting, obscure, unattainable goals. They should be manageable, tangible, and attainable. Challenge yourself this year to get involved, prioritize your professional and personal growth, and contribute to the progress of the profession. If you need assistance with your membership or how to utilize the resources available, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Member Services. Here’s to a healthy, safe, and positive 2021!

Gouhar Nayeem

Gouhar Nayeem is AIHA’s membership marketing specialist.


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