November 29, 2018 / Gouhar Nayeem

Membership That’s Family

AIHA is an association of IH/OEHS professionals who share a commitment to creating safer workplaces for everyone. Membership is a trusted relationship that we value and nurture through the many benefits we provide, and it results in lasting relationships.

Long-time member Steve Eversmeyer said the following about the importance of joining AIHA: “If I'm not a member, I can't expect the organization to exist, and I can't expect the organization to assist in educating other people on what we do in getting the word out on the value of industrial hygiene and safety and making that workplace safer [for] employers and employees. Because everybody's got to work together.” Without you, there is no us.

Be Connected

As an AIHA member, you have access to opportunities for networking on our online community Catalyst, professional development opportunities and resources, cutting-edge publications, government relations updates, conferences, and much more.

Lucinette Alvarado-Rivera, a member since 2007, had this to say about the lasting connections and friendships she’s made through AIHA: “You can get so much exposure in the industry. You can meet new people, interact with good friends, and develop relationship[s]. You become family of AIHA.”

According to Brenna Hogan, an IH student and AIHA member, students and early-career professionals also have much to gain from AIHA membership. “I think AIHA membership is so valuable because you get to connect with such a wide variety of industrial hygienists,” Brenna said. “No matter what you're passionate about or what your focus is, you can find a group of people who have that same passion. Or if you want to explore other topics, there's someone who is an expert at everything here.”

Be a Part of Something Bigger

Shared values, opportunity for growth, learning, and networking are just some of the reasons why you should continue to stay with the AIHA family and renew your membership. Be a part of something bigger, continue to grow professionally, build lasting relationships, and help us help you make the workplace a safe place for everyone. According to Matthew Zock, a member since 2007, the greatest member benefit is the AIHA community itself. “Whether you’re a traditional industrial hygienist, occupational health [professional], or EHS [expert], [AIHA] brings everyone together for the common interest of keeping folks safe and healthy at work,” Matthew said.

Be Proud

Your decision to be an IH/OEHS student or professional is one to take great pride in. Contributing to the health and safety of others is a goal that we share and support with you. “AIHA puts a lot into us as industrial hygienists,” said Felix Boachie, a member since 2010. “And, you know, I feel pride in that, and it makes me want to give back, both to the profession as well as the organization.”

Renew before December 31, 2018, to avoid any disruption to your benefits and also receive a free copy of our Essentials of Exposure Assessment III e-book, valued at $19.95!*. For more information on AIHA membership, visit the AIHA website.

*We will follow up with your free e-book download upon its release in January 2019. This offer is only valid on renewals received before 12/31/18.

Gouhar Nayeem

Gouhar Nayeem is AIHA’s membership marketing specialist.


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