July 31, 2018 / Gouhar Nayeem

Top Five Reasons You Should Present at AIHce EXP

If you’ve ever attended AIHce EXP, you know it’s where you can learn about the latest trends, technology, and best practices in occupational and environmental health and safety.

But have you ever thought about sharing your expertise? AIHce EXP is a fantastic opportunity to advance your career and inspire and energize your colleagues with the solutions they need to meet the challenges they face in their work.

Kat Gregersen, an industrial hygienist who presented at AIHce EXP 2018 in Philadelphia, advises those considering submitting an abstract to seek support from their employer or university and accept that they don’t know everything. “Presenting at AIHce gives you a chance to learn from your audience as well as share with them,” Gregersen says.

The call for speakers for AIHce EXP 2019 in Minneapolis is now open. Don’t let a fear of public speaking stop you from submitting a proposal​! The AIHA education team provides helpful guidance, advice, and tools needed to overcome any challenge you might perceive.

Not convinced? Here are 5 great reasons why you should present at AIHce EXP:

1.Be an advocate for the industry. When presenting, you end up learning about recent advances in your field from participants who have had similar experiences. They return to the field with the lessons you’ve taught them. Therefore, you have the opportunity to lead discussions on emerging issues, thus advancing the industry directly.

Eva Glosson, an IH compliance officer for the Washington State Department of Occupational Safety and Health and a presenter at AIHce EXP 2018 in Philadelphia, said, “Having variety in speakers, topics, hazards, and experience levels presented at AIHce makes us better industrial hygienists and contributes to the amazing energy of the conference as a whole.”

2.Gain professional credibility and visibility. You can benefit from obtaining experience and credibility as a conference presenter and international OEHS educator. The exposure and visibility gained from presenting will continue to open more opportunities and doors for you.

3.Improve your public speaking and presentation skills. Presenting helps you learn how to talk about your data and research in a clear and meaningful way. Need help? AIHA’s education team provides feedback, tips, and tools to help make your presentation interesting and engaging.

Ask Jonathan Klane, an industrial hygienist who continues to develop himself as an experienced presenter. “I worked with three AIHA staff to design and deliver a webinar that emphasized engagement and active participation over data and info,” Klane said.

Or maybe technical issues are keeping you from delivering your presentation. At AIHce EXP, AIHA provides a Speaker Ready Room, a quiet space to help you focus, ask questions, practice, and make sure your presentation is ready for prime time.

Roberta Smith, an AIHce EXP 2018 speaker, was having several technical issues with her videos and YouTube links. Thanks to the tech support in the Speaker Ready Room, she was able to resolve all her issues before giving her presentations. “My presentation later that afternoon went off without a technical hitch,” Smith said. “The Speaker Ready Room staff were all wizards who performed magic so that I could shine in my presentation.”

4.Earn CM hours. Sure, you could earn credits by simply attending. But earning them while pushing yourself both personally and professionally is priceless.

5. Grow your network. Develop further contacts by discussing your research with industry leaders, and gain visibility and recognition professionally. Networking opportunities increase significantly when you present, but you must take that first step and submit your proposal​. The deadline to submit for AIHce EXP 2019 is Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

With the support of the AIHA education team and your fellow professionals, there’s nothing to fear or stop you from achieving your professional and personal goals.

Are you an AIHA member? Visit the Catalyst​ to read original blog posts written by past speakers offering tips based on their speaking experiences at AIHce EXP.

Gouhar Nayeem

Gouhar Nayeem works in AIHA’s Marketing and Communications department.


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