November 12, 2020

New Data Prompts Significant Revision to EPA Risk Evaluation for PV29

A revised draft risk evaluation for pigment violet 29 (PV29) is now available from EPA for public comment and peer review. Additional data on PV29 received after the original draft risk evaluation was published in November 2018 prompted the agency to revise its analytical approach for evaluating potential exposures to and health effects of PV29. Based on new data and updated analysis, EPA identifies “unreasonable” risks to workers for 11 of the 14 conditions of use it evaluated. These findings differ significantly from the 2018 draft risk evaluation, which concluded that occupational exposures to PV29 were limited.

In light of these changes, EPA is making the revised draft risk evaluation available for review and input from the public. The agency is also conducting an independent expert peer review of the revised risk evaluation in the form of a “letter peer review.” Comments and feedback received during the public comment and peer review process will be used to inform EPA’s final risk evaluation of PV29.

According to EPA, PV29 is used as an intermediate to create or adjust color of other perylene pigments. Additional applications include incorporation into paints and coatings used in the automobile industry, and incorporation into plastic and rubber products used in automobiles and industrial carpeting. PV29 is also used in merchant ink for commercial printing and in consumer watercolors and artistic color.

Comments on EPA’s revised draft risk evaluation are due by Nov. 30, 2020. Details about the comment and peer review process are available in the Federal Register. Additional information is available in the agency’s press release.