November 19, 2020

New Standard Test Method Seeks to Improve the Fit of Respirators

A new standard test method published by ASTM International is intended to help improve the fit of particle-only air-purifying respirators. The new standard describes how to perform a respirator fit capability test to determine the fit of air-purifying, half-facepiece respirators, including filtering facepiece respirators and elastomeric respirators equipped with any type of particulate filter. According to ASTM, the standard will increase the likelihood that respirators that meet its requirements will fit a variety of prospective wearers with differing facial shapes and sizes. In addition, ASTM expects that manufacturers will be able to use the standard to design, develop, and produce better fitting respirators for general public use.

ASTM stresses that its new standard does not eliminate the need for every wearer to undergo a personal respirator fit test.

The new standard is available from ASTM’s website. Further details are available in the organization’s press release.