April 8, 2021

NIOSH Updates ErgoMine App

A new version of a NIOSH app for ergonomics audits in the mining industry is now available for iOS and Android devices. ErgoMine 2.0 is intended to help mine health and safety professionals identify, record, and track ergonomics and safety hazards at work sites. The latest version of ErgoMine allows users to identify and evaluate risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders using forms that focus on hand tools, manual tasks, and ergonomic task improvements. The app also includes checklists to identify slip, trip, and fall hazards on walkways, stairways, and fixed ladders, and can be used to document corrective actions needed to address work site deficiencies. ErgoMine’s new “fix list” manager allows users to track changes needed at their work sites using photos and text.

ErgoMine assesses mining operations by asking users questions about work tasks and work site conditions. Based on users’ responses, the app provides recommendations to help users mitigate existing hazards and make ergonomics improvements. The app can be used to audit bagging, haul truck, and maintenance and repair operations at surface mining and processing facilities.

For more information or to download the app, visit NIOSH’s website.