September 30, 2021

Computer Applications Committee Renamed "Emerging Digital Technologies Committee"

The AIHA Board of Directors has approved the name change of the Computer Applications Committee, now the Emerging Digital Technologies (EDT) Committee. The committee has adopted the new name in recognition of the changing nature of the technologies affecting occupational and environmental health and safety professionals. The EDT Committee will provide a forum for exchanging ideas and information related to new and emerging digital technologies and advancing the use of these technologies.

Goals and objectives of the EDT Committee include developing and providing technology-focused education, training, and tools through the development of professional development courses and other outreach opportunities; engaging in advocacy and working to influence the direction of technologies used for health and safety research and education; and conducting outreach with future professionals, AIHA members, and the general public. The committee will also seek to achieve and maintain an active membership encompassing a broad range of industries, education, certifications, and experience reflective of health and safety practice in new technologies and issues.

For more information, visit the committee webpage. Individuals interested in joining the committee should email Janice Allen or Linda Bridges, the EDT Committee chair.