February 3, 2022

Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board Gains Two New Members

The terms of two new members of the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board have begun, according to a statement issued by CSB Chairperson Katherine Lemos. The U.S. Senate confirmed Sylvia E. Johnson and Stephen A. Owens as new members of CSB in December. Johnson and Owens, who were nominated by President Joe Biden in April 2021, bring CSB’s board membership to three people: Johnson, Owens, and Lemos. CSB is supposed to comprise five members who are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate. Board members serve fixed terms of five years. Lemos began her term in April 2020 and served as the sole member of CSB from May 2020 until the beginning of Johnson’s and Owens’ terms.

“Board members play an important role in reviewing and voting on investigative reports and safety studies, as well as advocating for CSB’s recommendations across the stakeholder community,” Lemos said. “Together, we will build a strong and diverse board, adding to the skilled technical resources and community advocacy voices as we perform our valuable work to make chemical facilities safer for workers, communities, and the environment.”

To learn about CSB’s advocacy priorities, visit the agency’s website.