August 11, 2022

OSHA Seeks Safety Professional to Serve on Advisory Committee

OSHA seeks nominations to fill four vacancies, including one for an occupational safety professional, on its National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH). The committee comprises 12 members who advise the Labor and Health and Human Services secretaries on matters related to occupational health and safety programs and policies. Four members represent the public, and two each represent management, labor, occupational health, and occupational safety, and all members are appointed by the secretary of Labor. NACOSH may also provide advice and recommendations regarding enforcement of OSHA standards, guidance and research needs and priorities, and activities to help reduce work-related deaths, illnesses, and injuries, among other topics.

Individuals who are interested in serving on NACOSH may nominate themselves. Other individuals may submit nominations of others who they believe might be interested in or qualified to serve on the committee.

Additional details can be found in OSHA’s press release and the Federal Register. Nominations for membership in NACOSH must be submitted by Aug. 31.