June 6, 2024

NIOSH Alerts Address Counterfeit Cartridges, Stop-Use Notice from 3M Scott

NIOSH recently alerted respirator users that counterfeit cartridges are being sold online and about a notification from 3M Scott Fire & Safety regarding certain E-Z Flo+ mask-mounted regulators (MMR).

The agency warns that many counterfeit combination chemical/filter cartridges are being sold on well-known online marketplaces. According to NIOSH, these counterfeit cartridges claim to have chemical and P100 protection but are not part of a NIOSH-approved respirator configuration. The counterfeit cartridges also misuse the registered P100 certification mark. NIOSH’s website includes photographic examples from listings of counterfeit cartridges that use the same part numbers associated with authentic, NIOSH-approved 3M combination cartridges. Some of the listings falsely claim that the cartridges can be used with 3M 6000, 7000 and FF-400 series facepieces.

“Users cannot use these products in place of the cartridge/filter component associated with the NIOSH Approved respirator,” the agency says. “If so, it will void the NIOSH approval and may not provide the claimed level of protection to the user.”

NIOSH also made respirator users aware of a stop-use and action notice for 3M Scott E-Z Flo+ MMR manufactured between Jan. 26–29, 2024. The company says an E-Z Flo+ MMR manufactured during that window was shipped with a Vibralert end-of-service-time-indicator that failed to function adequately upon initial inspection. 3M has determined the root cause of the failure and taken corrective actions to ensure that E-Z Flo+ MMR shipped after Jan. 26–29 function properly. According to the notification, 3M is not aware of any injuries or accidents related to this issue. Users and distributors who may be affected can find instructions in the notification (PDF). This and other recent notices can also be found on the NPPTL website.