October 24, 2019

Results of Recent Bylaws Vote Are In

AIHA members have approved one of two proposed amendments to AIHA’s bylaws. The proposed changes concerned transitioning AIHA's Local Sections Council to a new Local Sections Advisory Group and instituting a new "single-candidate slate" for elections of candidates for vice president, treasurer-elect, and secretary-elect. Approximately 22 percent of AIHA’s members participated in the vote.

According to the bylaws, approval of amendments requires affirmative votes from two-thirds of voting members.

The proposed amendment to transition the Local Section Council, or LSC, to a Local Sections Advisory Group, or LSAG, passed with 1,031 votes for the measure and 315 against. The new LSAG will include student representatives who were not part of the former LSC. The LSAG will act as a direct voice to the AIHA Board for local section and student local section concerns. LSAG members will continue to be elected by the local section officers, as was the practice of the former LSC.

The second proposed amendment regarding changing the Board officer election process to "single-slate" did not pass. The ballot measure failed to meet the two-thirds majority threshold, with 856 votes for the measure and 497 against. AIHA will continue the current practice of a contested slate for all Board positions.

More information about the vote is available on Catalyst (AIHA member login required).