May 7, 2020

Trainers Gain New Features in Update to NIOSH Software That Helps Miners Recognize Hazards

The latest release of NIOSH’s Windows-based EXAMiner software allows trainers to create, save, and share safety training scenarios with mineworkers. Using the software, workers can perform a virtual workplace examination as well as test and improve their hazard recognition skills. According to NIOSH, EXAMiner can be adopted into current training programs, including annual refresher training required by MSHA regulations.

The software features an interactive environment with more than 30 preloaded panoramic photos from a real surface limestone mine. The latest EXAMiner update gives trainers the option to import their own photographs to create customized site-specific scenes for use in training materials for any type of mine. Users are now able to save their training scenarios to revisit later or export them to share with colleagues. NIOSH explains that exported files can be emailed or added to shared folders, then imported into EXAMiner by other users.

“EXAMiner serves to find the gaps between what mineworkers think they know about workplace hazards and the reality of what they see when they are in the work environment,” said Jessica Kogel, NIOSH’s associate director for mining. “It is a versatile tool that safety trainers can use to increase their workers’ ability to find hazards before they face those hazards on the jobsite.”

The beta release of EXAMiner was published in February 2019. The latest version of the software, which was updated in March 2020, is available from NIOSH’s website.