November 16, 2022

AIHA and dBase Media Announce Healthier Workplaces, Healthier Communities Video Series on Impact of OEHS Professionals

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (Nov. 16, 2022)—AIHA, in partnership with dBase Media, has begun production of an online video series titled Healthier Workplaces, Healthier Communities. Scheduled to premiere in May 2023 during AIHce EXP, AIHA’s annual conference, this episodic docuseries aims to introduce the public to the key role the occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) profession plays in creating healthier workplaces and communities.

By presenting true stories about the impacts of occupational or environmental hazards, the series will look closely both at OEHS professionals as people and the outcomes of their work. Video topics will spotlight various hazards across multiple industries and narrate how the OEHS profession identifies, manages, and mitigates exposure risks. This docuseries will also communicate the diverse career paths of OEHS professionals who have dedicated their lives to protecting worker health, safety, and well-being. One case study will focus on the use of enhanced air filtration to prevent infectious disease spread in schools. The series will also cover those engaged in disaster planning, response, and recovery and their work to protect communities around the world. Each story will highlight the unique role of the OEHS professional which reinforces their value to society.

Healthier Workplaces, Healthier Communities will premiere May 22–24, 2023, at AIHce EXP 2023, in Phoenix, Arizona. The series will be hosted first on the AIHA website and then distributed and promoted through a campaign managed by dBase Media.

For more information, or to get involved with the production, please contact Asia Mason ([email protected]) or Mitch Johnson ([email protected])

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