September 1, 2020 / Angela Oler

AIHA Registry Programs: Professional Development During COVID-19

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With the world changing around us, we need to prepare for what lies ahead by updating our skills, increasing our knowledge, and proving our competency. The skills we have need to be improved, and new skills need to be acquired.

Since we are living through a global pandemic, careers in occupational and environmental health and safety are in high demand, as are the skills and knowledge that go with them. But with companies limiting or freezing professional development budgets, and the courses, credentialing exams, and webinars we had hoped to attend before the pandemic unlikely to take place, it can be difficult to take advantage of this moment to hone our skills. Here’s how AIHA Registry Programs can help.

AIHA Registry Programs provides the no-cost Exposure Decision Analysis (EDA) Registry as a service to the industrial hygiene and environmental health and safety community. The program distinguishes OEHS professionals who have acquired the skills and knowledge to effectively manage workplace exposure and monitoring data. Given basic characterization and monitoring data, individuals with the Registered Specialist: Exposure Decision Analysis credential have the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about worker exposure and exposure uncertainty.

Candidates may demonstrate competency by earning a passing score on the EDA Registry Competency Assessment, and they will be listed on AIHA Registry Programs’ website without incurring any cost.

AIHA Registry Programs’ Safety Data Sheets and Label Authoring Registered Professional (SDSRP™) designation is a unique credential that can be attained at reduced cost. This credential is intended for those who write and review SDS and labels for their companies or clients. Candidates for the SDS and Label Authoring Registry program must go through an application process to determine if they qualify to take the assessment.

In response to COVID-19, AIHA Registry Programs is waiving the $50 remote proctoring fee for the SDS and Label Authoring Competency Assessment. Qualified candidates may take an exam from any location at a date and time convenient to them. However, there are currently no in-person testing events scheduled for 2020.

AIHA Registry Programs’ offerings help prepare OEHS and OHS professionals for the changing future, so if you have the time, take the time to invest in yourself and our global IH community. For more information, please email AIHA Registry Programs.

Angela Oler

Angela Oler is director of AIHA Registry Programs, LLC.


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