November 8, 2016 / Bill Walsh

Don’t Fret, Field Practitioners: You Are Not Alone

In the hustle and bustle of today’s work environment, many times it feels absolutely impossible to get everything done at the level we want it done. To describe the work of field consultants as “multitasking” seems like an understatement. You meet with your clients, develop a plan, conduct field testing, follow up with recommendations, and answer questions—usually for several clients at once.

But these may not be the things you are worrying about most. It’s those things you don’t have total control over that represent the most significant chance of failure, letting your clients down, and ultimately losing their trust and their business.

You ask yourself: How am I going to get the gas monitor to the job site? If it doesn’t start or breaks down, how will I replace it? If I’m not on the job site, will monitoring be performed up to my company’s standards? While on a job site, how will I get access to real-time data that I really need to do the job right? And am I using the newest and best technology to get the job done most efficiently and effectively?

While these are legitimate concerns, you don’t have to feel or act alone. Before selecting an IH laboratory to partner with, do your due diligence to see if they can be just that: a partner in getting the job done right. In this day and age, laboratories can no longer be considered a commodity. There are significant differentiating factors.

Some labs will loan and rent you the equipment you need, take full responsibility for transportation, act on the dime if equipment malfunctions, provide the means for real-time data analysis, give reliable advice on method and technology selection, and even provide online chain-of-custody. And of course, some laboratories just produce more precise, reliable results than others.

No, you’re not alone. In this day and age, many labs provide quality analysis; the differences are typically in delivery, quality, and price. Choosing the right IH lab can save you time and money, and help you wow your clients with precision and efficiency.

Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh, CIH, is a regional business development manager for SGS-Galson Laboratories and chair of the Analytical Accreditation Board for AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC.​


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