February 4, 2019 / Dianne Grote Adams

Opportunities for Hands-On IH Education

Is professional development on your list of 2019 goals? AIHA offers several opportunities to earn contact hours and expand your IH/OEHS knowledge. Depending on what you’d like to learn, there are two different tracks for face-to-face industrial hygiene learning.

If you’re new to industrial hygiene or have newly acquired IH responsibilities, you may want to consider the Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene course offered through AIHA. This four-day class is taught at my company, Safex, in Columbus, Ohio. It’s chock-full of hands-on lab experiences, small group work, and problem-solving exercises.

Comparing sample results to the appropriate occupational exposure levels? Check. Calculating the time-weighted average from multiple samples? Check. Identifying industrial hygiene principles and practices? We’ll cover that and much more. Plus, you’ll earn 32 contact hours at the completion of the course.

Exposure and Chemical Monitoring – Beyond IH Fundamentals is an intermediate three-day (24-contact-hour) course also offered by AIHA. It’s great for those who routinely use IH skills but want to deepen their knowledge in certain areas, and very helpful for seasoned Certified Industrial Hygienists who want a refresher on skills that may be a little rusty. Many students who complete the Fundamentals of IH class come back to take this class. Focused on industrial hygiene chemical monitoring, this course is also very hands on with group exercises and discussion. Participants will take on an IH role at a fictious company and perform monitoring, identify potential control measures, and communicate the results to management and workers.

It’s a great pleasure of mine to be an instructor of these courses for the last 20 years. Industrial hygiene has been my passion for nearly 40 years. I love sharing its principles with professionals. I find it extremely rewarding and exciting to know the participants will take their new knowledge back and implement it to positively improve the health and safety of the work environment.

In addition to learning new skills and contact hours, networking with other IH/OEHS professionals is a perk of these face-to-face learning opportunities. In 2018, we hosted participants from North, South, and Central America, and Ghana! Moreover, our experienced instructors (we have four CIHs on staff) get to know everyone and often form long-standing relationships. I love catching up with past participants years after they’ve attended.

If 2019 is a year of continued growth for you, pack your bags, ready your mind, and join us in Columbus.

Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene

  • March 25-28, 2019
  • September 16-19, 2019

Exposure and Chemical Monitoring – Beyond IH Fundamentals

  • October 21-23, 2019

Dianne Grote Adams

Dianne Grote Adams is the founder and President of Safex, an EHS consulting and training firm in Columbus, Ohio. She is on the AIHA Conference Program Committee and served of the AIHA Board of Directors from 2011 to 2014.


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