December 23, 2020

The Most Read SynergistNOW Blogs for 2020

Before we wrap up 2020, we went back and looked at what you, our readers, were most captivated by this year.

Our ten most popular blog posts of 2020 showcase a wide variety of topics, from the benefits of understanding safety data sheets, to natural disasters amidst a pandemic, to the essential role of IHs. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that our most-read blog posts were about staying productive during a pandemic and the role of IH when fighting COVID-19.

Without much ado, this is the Top Ten List of your favorite blog posts.

  1. Five Ways to Stay Productive During a Pandemic
  2. Combating the Coronavirus with Industrial Hygiene
  3. Commentary: COVID-19 Transmission Messages Should Hinge on Science
  4. IH Mod 2.0: Freeware Models with Monte Carlo Simulation
  5. Natural Disasters, COVID-19, and Occupational Health and Safety
  6. The Essential Industrial Hygienist
  7. A New Edition of a Valued Resource on Mold
  8. Virginia Passes First-in-Nation Emergency Temporary Standard for COVID-19
  9. The Benefits of Understanding Safety Data Sheets for the Industrial Hygienist
  10. Two for One: Introducing the OHSMS Auditor Competency Assessment

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