January 7, 2020 / Carrie Johnson

Two for One: Introducing the OHSMS Auditor Competency Assessment

Any time we can do one thing that fulfills more than one purpose, we’re ahead of the game—especially when it helps us take one step closer to a safer community and a safer world. The Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) Auditor Registry is a new Registry program that serves a dual purpose: it assesses knowledge and skills, giving registrants the opportunity for growth; and it offers the potential for registrants to be recognized as OHSMS Registered Auditors.

AIHA Registry Programs promotes the recognition of individuals who have demonstrated competency in a specialized area of industrial hygiene. These programs encourage individuals to keep their skills and knowledge current by demonstrating competency through recurring assessment.

The OHSMS Auditor Registry Program is designed for professionals who plan, perform, or review OHSMS audits for their company, clients, or customers. The program’s Body of Knowledge is based on ISO 45001, Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements and aspects of ISO 19011, Guidelines for auditing management systems and ANSI/ASSE Z10, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Candidates who wish to take the OHSMS Auditor Competency Assessment must meet minimum requirements for education, training, and experience. The exam comprises fifty multiple-choice questions, with both knowledge-based and scenario-based items. A passing score of 75 percent or higher must be earned in order to become a Registered OHSMS Auditor. This Registered status is good for five years, at which time renewal by maintenance points or retesting is required to maintain the credential.

Being a recognized OHSMS Auditor through AIHA’s Registry Programs can help you stand out among your colleagues. Consider applying to and preparing for the OHSMS Auditor Competency Assessment. At a minimum, the benefits are two-fold!

Carrie Johnson

Carrie Johnson is registry coordinator for AIHA Registry Programs.


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