December 20, 2018 / Ina Xhani

The Season of Deadlines

We all feel a certain adrenaline rush during the last days of December. For some, it’s because the holidays are here, and that means more time with the family. For me, it’s because of deadlines. Yes…deadlines.

There’s the deadline to find the perfect gift. At home is the deadline to find the perfect dessert recipe, to RSVP to the parties you’ve been invited to, to make those last-minute arrangements for the family trip you are taking. Waiting for you at work is the deadline to turn in those pesky projects, to file that report before you leave for that well-deserved vacation, to wrap things up so you don’t have to work while officially off (even though you know you will). On a personal level, the deadlines are even more challenging. December 31 is the deadline to meet all those New Year's resolutions you have been putting off: find the perfect work-life balance, spend less time in front of the screen and more outdoors, finish those books you keep buying, run a marathon, or go through all those online courses you have saved for later. So many deadlines to meet in just 11 days!

However, five deadlines are easy to meet:

Renew Your AIHA Membership (December 31)

If you renew your 2019 AIHA membership by December 31, two great things will happen: you will receive a free copy of our new Expose Assessment Essentials e-book, and you will not miss a single day of your AIHA member benefits.

Purchase an eLearning Subscription​ (December 31)

You can save $250 when you sign up for the 2019 eLearning Subscription before December 31. Save money and get the same convenient access to eLearning on the hottest topics affecting IH/OEHS professionals. This is one great opportunity that you shouldn’t let slip away.

Submit Nominations for AIHA Awards​ (December 31)

The AIHA awards recognize individuals who serve as a powerful and positive example to those aspiring to reach the next pinnacle in their career. There is no better way to show our appreciation for their contributions to the profession and the association. So, go ahead and nominate someone amazing for these awards.

Submit Nominations for the AIHA Technology Initiatives Strategic Advisory Group​ (January 4)

Are you interested in helping AIHA draft a strategic plan that outlines where AIHA should invest its resources across multiple technology initiatives to bring them into a cohesive and complementary whole as well as to move these initiatives forward? Or do you know someone who might be perfect for this position? If the answer is yes, then before you leave for the holidays, nominate yourself or your colleague for the AIHA Technology Initiatives Strategic Advisory Group.

Volunteer for the AIHA Finance Committee (January 31)

This is a late January deadline, but since we are on a roll, why not check this off the list too? The Finance Committee needs volunteers who have a passion for IH, a proven ability to think long-term and strategically, at least three years of AIHA volunteer experience, and knowledge of financial affairs. By being part of the Finance Committee, you will play an important role in helping the AIHA Board of Directors fulfill its fiduciary obligations by providing financial oversight for the organization. For more information, read about the Committee’s responsibilities​.

It takes about 10 minutes to meet these deadlines. If only my New Year’s resolution to run a marathon was that easy!

Ina Xhani

Ina Xhani​ is AIHA’s communications specialist.


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