October 1, 2019 / Ina Xhani

Virtual Sections: Networking Without Borders

Earlier this year AIHA introduced two new chapters to its membership: the Virtual Section and the Virtual Section (en Español). Just like local sections, virtual sections offer an opportunity to network and boost your professional growth no matter your geographical position. The idea is to offer a “local” community to AIHA members who live in areas that don’t have a local section, as well as IH/OH professionals who reside outside the U.S. or Canada. Members of virtual sections will have access to:

  • the digital Synergist, the Synergist Weekly and Synergist Newswire e-newsletters, and SynergistNOW
  • three professional development educational offerings
  • a dedicated community section on Catalyst, AIHA’s online community
  • coffee talks and opportunities to network with other OEHS professionals
  • mentoring and personal one-on-ones with industry thought leaders

The virtual sections are especially appealing for those professionals outside of the United States. IH/OHs who live and work outside of North America can join a virtual section for an additional $25 after becoming an International e-Member (this membership grants full access to all full member-related benefits and pricing). IH/OHs from developing countries can join a virtual section for just $10 without the AIHA Full Membership. AIHA members who don’t live near a local section can add a virtual section to their renewed 2019 membership for an additional $25 fee.

Here are some additional reasons to consider joining a virtual section:

  1. Advice and feedback you can trust. Virtual sections are a great source of information: plenty of experienced and talented IH/OH professionals belong to a virtual section and are willing to share their knowledge with the rest of the community.
  2. Diversity, inclusion, and innovation. Being an active member of a virtual section helps you network and connect with experts from different parts of the country and the world. Members of virtual sections come from different walks of professional life and can offer new perspectives, insights, and solutions.
  3. The latest trends and industry-related news. You will always experience something new because virtual section members are sharing the latest news and techniques, as well as their personal knowledge and experience with the community. Staying up to date with the latest information can help you run your business efficiently and effectively while increasing your competitiveness.

No matter where you live and work, having a community to share experiences with and turn to for support can be an invaluable asset, and the virtual sections offer just that. Join today and see for yourself what the buzz is all about.

Ina Xhani

Ina Xhani is AIHA's communication specialist


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