December 6, 2018 / Ina Xhani

IH Solutions to the Gift Problem

Finding the perfect gift for a family member, a friend, or even a colleague can be an unnerving mission. To help you find the perfect gift,because gifts should be all about fun, we have rounded up a few ideas that might be the ideal gift for the IH or OEHS professional in your life.

Life’s Work: A 50 Year Photographic Chronicle of Working in the U.S.A.

Earl Dotter’s book, Life’s Work: A 50 Year Photographic Chronicle of Working in the U.S.A., is a song to the unsung heroes who work in dangerous and unhealthy environments. This book is the perfect gift not only for those working in IH/OEHS but for anyone passionate about photography. Its 500 beautifully reproduced images, a powerful testimony to the constant toll taken on workers from unsafe exposures, would make a great conversation starter.

Donation to AIHF

A charitable contribution in your loved one’s name can be a great alternative to the usual sweater or gift card. By making a donation to the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation, you help talented students complete their education and encourage the most promising scholars to enter or remain in the industrial hygiene profession. A donation to AIHF is giving back to the trade you love and helps keep talent entering the profession.

Nomination for an AIHA Award

Each year, AIHA seeks nominations for awards and honors that recognize individuals who provide significant contributions to the industrial hygiene and occupational and environmental health and safety professions. The award recipients will be recognized during the Mark of Excellence Breakfast at the 2019 American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition (AIHce EXP) in Minneapolis, Minn. Can you image your friend’s joy when she finds out how much you appreciate her work and dedication to the profession? But hurry, because the deadline for nominations is Dec. 31!

The White Book

Books are an excellent and affordable gift, especially for young professionals. When you give someone a book, you’re giving the gift of knowledge. The White Book—its full title is The Occupational Environment: Its Evaluation, Control, and Management—is a popular AIHA publication and an essential core reference for occupational health and safety practitioners, educators, and students. This book, or any of our other current bestsellers​, would make a great gift for both new and experienced IHs.

eLearning Sessions

Talk about giving the gift of knowledge! AIHA’s eLearning courses and webinars are affordable, quality education for busy IH and OEHS professionals. By gifting a webinar, an online course, a certificate program, AIHce OnDemand, virtual conferences, or PDCs, you are helping your loved one earn contact hours toward maintaining his certification. Now that’s a smart gift!

AIHce EXP 2019

Do you remember the feeling during and after attending your first AIHce EXP? The excitement you felt walking through the Expo Hall, listening to field experts discuss how they overcame the challenges you were facing, meeting your peers, and expanding your network? Why not give that same feeling and opportunity to someone close to you? He or she will appreciate the chance to attend one of the biggest professional conferences on important trends and research that impact worker health. If you register someone now, you will get the early-bird discount.

AIHA Membership

If you want to give to a friend or a loved one the gift of access to resources and information, a network of peers, and a community working to protect worker health, then look no further than AIHA membership. What’s better for a professional who loves the field and is always looking to learn more than members-only pricing on products, services, and educational events? This gift also allows access to an online community of more than 8,500 IH/OEHS professionals, volunteer and leadership opportunities, advocacy, resources, and recognition.

Presents are a joy for both the person receiving them and the one giving them, but they are extra special when they help the recipient’s professional growth.

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Ina Xhani

Ina Xhani is AIHA’s communications specialist.


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