March 12, 2019 / Elizabeth Pullen

New Champions for Content

AIHA’s Content Portfolio Advisory Group (CPAG) is dedicated to moving AIHA’s content priorities forward. The content priorities were developed several years ago out of an “environmental scan”—an effort to determine future trends that will have an impact on the IH profession and figure out the most important initiatives for us to pursue. One of CPAG’s new roles will be to “champion” each of the content priorities.

Our current content priorities include Big Data, the IH business case, the changing work force, exposure banding, the global standard of care, sensor technologies, and Total Worker Exposure. Each of the content priorities has its own community on Catalyst, and it’s exciting to see that most of the seven communities already have several hundred members!

If you have interest in a specific content priority, go ahead and sign up for that community. Catalyst will be the venue for communication of all activities related to content priorities.

In the next few weeks, the content priority champions will communicate their thoughts and set up plans for interaction. They will look to members of AIHA volunteer groups and other interested AIHA members for ideas and willingness to participate. CPAG’s intent is to establish a better connection with AIHA’s volunteer groups. While not every volunteer group has a direct tie-in to the content priorities, those that do should have a say in our developmental effort.

Advancing the content priorities will be a collaboration between CPAG, AIHA’s volunteer groups, members, and staff, along with input from AIHA Board members. The CPAG champion will communicate through the Catalyst community dedicated to that content priority. The goal is to identify potential initiatives and help move them through the appropriate AIHA channels. We look forward to working with you!

Editor's note: Visit AIHA's website for the most recent information about CPAG and AIHA's content priorities.

Elizabeth Pullen

Elizabeth Pullen is a member of the Content Portfolio Advisory Group


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