During the spring of 2019, AIHA engaged McKinley Advisors to conduct a comprehensive research study. The overall goals of the study were to determine whether key priorities previously identified by AIHA were still relevant to industrial hygiene professionals and to assess what other new trends and developments may be on the horizon. The research effort consisted of telephone interviews, focus groups, and an electronic survey.

Project Goals
AIHA's goals were straightforward

  • Take advantage of the study to identify current and future trends.
  • Determine what key priorities remain relevant to the professions in the field.
  • Uncover new trends and developments that lie on the horizon.

    AIHA's Content Portfolio Advisory Group (CPAG) reviewed the data provided by McKinley Advisors and recommended five new content priorities which were approved by AIHA's Board of Directors.

    Exposure Banding (retired as content priority)

    The Exposure Banding priority focuses on educating OEHS professionals on applying banding concepts in evaluating exposures and controls across environments and exploring how they relate to technology advancements in involving integrated decision-making.

    CPAG reevaluated the content priorities in 2022 and recommended Exposure Banding be sunset as a priority and transitioned to an established area of practice now within the domain of the Exposure and Control Banding Committee.

    Big Data & Sensor Technology

    Big Data & Sensor Technology focuses on helping OEHS professionals leverage cutting-edge technologies to collect and integrate data to inform risk assessment and management decisions and stay relevant in the face of transformative change.

    Serving the Changing Workforce

    Serving the Changing Workforce focuses on educating OEHS professionals on the circumstances driving these changes, their implications, and how the OEHS community can respond to protect human health in the workplace and community.

    Communicating OEHS Concepts

    Communicating OEHS Concepts focuses on developing the "soft skills" of OEHS professionals to listen, relate, communicate and collaborate effectively with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to promote the influence and value of the OEHS profession in the modern social-technological landscape.

    Total Exposure Health

    Human health outcomes are being recognized as the result of a complex interaction of factors including exposures to environmental agents, socioeconomic stressors, personal behaviors, and individual genomics. Advancements in science and technology are allowing for the more robust collection and integration of these factors to inform interventions and decision-making. This priority focuses on ensuring OEHS professionals are positioned to be valued participants in this discourse and recognized as the preeminent experts in anticipation, recognition, and evaluation and control of exposures to environmental agents in the workplace, home and community.

    In November 2022 the Total Exposure Health content priority was renamed Total Worker Health®. CPAG members felt that this priority should be re-branded to focus more on TWH and less on TEH. The re-branded priority focuses on ensuring OEHS professionals are positioned to be leaders and valued participants in preventing harm and protecting and promoting worker well-being.

    Total Worker Health® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Participation by AIHA does not imply endorsement by HHS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.