Content Portfolio Advisory Group


There are more opportunities to respond to member/customer needs, wants, and expectations than there are resources to meet those expectations.  Given the need for resources, AIHA should not directly duplicate the services of other organizations.  Focus is important. Providing mediocre or low-quality programs in many areas is inferior to providing higher quality programs in response to a set of focused interests.


The Content Portfolio Advisory Group (CPAG) provides input and advice to the AIHA board and staff regarding the association’s body of content on industrial hygiene and occupational and environmental health and safety. Content may include documents, articles, white papers, fact sheets, professional development courses (PDCs), conference programs, etc. CPAG has three primary roles:

1. Provides guidance on the content development agenda for AIHA, including:

  • Reviewing proposals for new cont​ent development initiatives

  • Providing recommendations on funding requests for new content development
  • Suggesting topics for the AIHA Guid​eline Foundation’s research agenda

2. Oversees review of existing content and makes product lifecycle recommendations

3. Monitors the industry landscape to identify emerging topics for which new content may be needed.​​

Final CPAG Town Hall Slides.pdfFinal CPAG Town Hall Slides​​​​​​​​​​​​​