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Course Introduction

Introduce Course Instructors and Background

Video 1A:
Exposure Variability and the Importance of Using Statistics to Improve Judgements

  • Why is This Important?
  • Decision Statistic
  • AIHA Categories
  • Exposure Judgment Accuracy
  • Exposure Variability
  • Inferential IH Statistics
  • Data Interpretation Using IHSTAT©
  • Examples
  • Review: Data Interpretation
  • Video 1A Key Resources

Video 1B:
Rules of Thumb for Interpreting Exposure Monitoring Data

  • Review: Key points from Video 1A
  • Rules of Thumb
  • Examples
  • Video 1B Key Resources

Video 2:
Introduction to Bayesian Statistical Approaches and Their Advantages

  • Review: Key points from Video 1A
  • Focus on the 95%ile’s Distribution of Uncertainty
  • Bayesian Decision Analysis (BDA)
  • BDA General Approach
  • Parameter Space
  • Interpreting BDA Charts
  • Promise and Perils of Priors
  • Censored Data
  • Priors/Parameter Space: IHDA Student vs. Expostats
  • Summary: Advantages of Bayesian Statistics
  • Video 2 Key Resources

Video 3A:
Free Bayesian Statistical Tools: IHDA Student Edition

  • Introduction
  • AIHA Exposure Assessment and Management Model
  • IH Data Analyst – AIHA
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation - A Systematic
  • Approach
  • Examples
  • Data Analysis Workshop

Video 3B:
Free Bayesian Statistical Tools: Expostats

  • Prerequisites
  • What is Expostats?
  • Setup
  • What Will Expostats Tell You?
  • Expostats - Under the Hood
  • Expostats Outputs
  • The Webexpo Project
  • Examples

Video 3C:
Introduction to IHSTAT_Bayes™

  • Prerequisites
  • What is IHSTAT_Bayes
  • Setup
  • What will IHSTAT_Bayes tell you
  • IHSTAT_Bayes under the hood: The Webexpo open source library
  • IHSTAT_Bayes outputs
  • Examples

Video 4:
Implementing AIHA Strategy Using Statistical Tools: Examples

  • Experiences and Outcomes
  • Simplification of Statistical Tool Use
  • Examples Comparing Statistical Tools
  • Value Provided by AIHA Strategy/ Statistical Tools
  • Business Case Ideas

Making Accurate Exposure Risk Decisions - Practice Questions for the Exposure Decision Analysis Registry Exam

Online exam to test learning and preparedness for the Exposure Decision Analysis Registry exam. Answers and worked solutions provided for missed questions.

Become a Registered Specialist: Exposure Decision Analysis

"Become a Registered Specialist: Exposure Decision Analysis" Document

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