Now Accepting Nominations


The AIHA Fellows designation recognizes those who are AIHA members in good standing, have 15 years of continuous Full Membership, and have made recognized contributions to industrial hygiene or related disciplines in at least three of the following areas—also included below is the selection committee calibration of rankings as they review, rank, and recommend new Fellows for approval by the AIHA Board:

  • Education and Training (based on CV)

    Ranking: 0 = No undergraduate degree; 1 = No advanced degree or professional certification; 2 = Advanced degree or professional certification; 3 = Advanced degree and professional certification.
  • Professional IH Experience (based on CV)

    Ranking: 0 = 15 years; 1 = >15-20 years; 2 =>20 years-25 years; 3 = >25 years.
  • Original research or invention, demonstrated by the publication of papers in refereed journals. (Some consideration will be given to articles in trade journals.) The nominee must be the principal or the secondary author.

    Ranking: 0 = No publications; 1 = Published in non-peer-reviewed journals only; 2 = Published <5 papers in peer-reviewed journals; 3 = Published 5-10 papers in peer-reviewed journals; 4 = Published in more than 10 papers in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Work in policy areas, including corporate, federal, state, and local activities and standards development and advocacy.

    Ranking: 0 = No policy work; 1 = Policy work at the local level or the local site only; 2 = Policy work at regional or state level including company work; 3 = Policy work at the national level, standards development, and/or advocacy including company work; 4 = Nationally or internationally recognized for policy, standards development, and/or advocacy.
  • Technical, scientific, or management leadership in industrial hygiene.

    Ranking: 0 = No leadership activities; 1 = Has served as a volunteer on a non-IH local board or led work-related committees; 2 = Leads IH program at a site or is a local section officer or director; 3 = Leads IH program for a company or chairs an IH program at a university; 4 = Conducts IH work internationally participates in IH associations in other countries or has served on a national board.
  • Exemplary contributions to improving education in industrial hygiene. Educational contributions include textbook authorship, editorships for IH compendia (e.g., Patty's), teaching PDCs and evaluations from those PDCs, giving short courses, developing training and teaching tools, etc.

    Rankings: 0 = No education contributions; 1 = Has taught local IH-related PDCs, short courses, or community courses; 2 = Has contributed to IH textbooks or published IH-related non-research-based papers; 3 = Has taught PDCs at the national level of developed IH training tools; 4 = Has authored or edited major IH publications.
  • Direct contribution to AIHA by serving as an officer, committee work, or conference planning.

    Rankings: 0 = No service to AIHA; 1 = Have been or is a local section officer; 2 = Has been or is a member of an AIHA national volunteer group; 3 = Has participated on multiple AIHA national volunteer groups; 4 = Has served on the AIHA National Board or is serving as an AIHA national volunteer group chair.

For the nominee to be considered, a detailed summary of the nominee's achievements in each area must be included. When required, please include supporting documentation. Be very clear about what achievements the nominee has in the areas chosen. Learn more about the AIHA Named Awards and Fellows Policy. Please contact Janice Allen or Laurie Mutdosch to check the nominee membership qualification.

The Fellow designation is limited to five percent of the AIHA national membership. Fellows who do not maintain their AIHA membership will continue to be considered AIHA Fellow and can use the FAIHA designation. However, these individuals will not be counted towards the five percent of the membership count to allow capacity for new Fellows​.​


The following is required to complete a successful AIHA Fellow nomination submission:

  1. The nominee is aware that you are nominating them for Fellows.
  2. The nominee's name and complete contact information.
  3. Justify why the nominee should be considered for the award - be specific and align with the justification for recognized contributions to the field of industrial hygiene. The selection committee will only base its rankings on the information supplied.
  4. The nominee's resume/CV is in a PDF file format. Do not submit copies of articles, papers, books, etc. – that information should be referenced on the nominee's resume/CV.


  1. Do not start the online nomination submission form until you have the required information and ample time to submit.
  2. If you do not complete the process in one sitting, the system will not save the information, and you will have to restart the process from the beginning.
  3. If you would like a copy of your submission, click the box entitled "Send me a copy of my responses."
  4. You will get a confirmation email if the submission has been completed successfully.


  1. Nominations must be received by December 30, 2022. Any nominations received after this date will not be considered.
  2. All nominations will be evaluated by the Fellows Selection Committee, and recommendations will be sent to the AIHA Board of Directors for review and approval.


The Chair of the Selection Committee will inform all recipients and their nominators via phone; for those nominations that are not selected, a formal letter will be issued to the nominator and nominee.