December 3, 2019 / Ina Xhani

Consultants Listing: Boost Your Business Today

Did you know that 79 percent of customers do research online before contracting a company for services? With more people turning to the internet for answers, suggestions, and ideas, it’s no surprise that businesses are looking to increase their online presence.

There are many ways you as a business owner can get in front of customers, but AIHA’s Consultants Listing should be at the top of your list. Why? Because AIHA’s Consultants Listing is more than a professional version of the Yellow Pages. It’s a comprehensive platform that allows users to quickly identify, learn about, and contact the business that offers the services they need. Some of you might think of the listing as a huge database, where your information will get lost in the sea of data. It would be a mistake to dismiss the listing like that. The truth is, AIHA’s Consultants Listing is very beneficial, especially for small businesses. Here’s how:

1. It increases your discoverability.

Users who need a company or specialist that deals with environmental health and safety issues turn to AIHA’s directory. A homeowner looking to evaluate mold following a flood, a hospital administrator looking for a company that specializes in biological monitoring, an international company looking for a hazard expert—these are just a few examples of individuals who turn to the Consultants Listing. By being part of AIHA’s Consultants Listing, you maximize your visibility, thus maximizing your chances of being contacted by a potential customer. AIHA’s Member and Customer Relations Department often receives calls from consumers looking for a consultant in their area to help with environmental issues. Many of these consumers are referred to AIHA by their local health department, EPA, OSHA, and NIOSH.

2. It strengthens your reputation.

The internet presents endless solutions to one’s problems. This, in turn, makes customers more cautious when choosing a service provider. A professional directory backed by a well-known organization such as AIHA is often seen as a highly reliable source for high-quality, trustworthy service providers. Being listed in AIHA’s directory elevates your business’s perceived reliability and trustworthiness. You’re not just a company with a pretty website.

3. It leads to new clientele.

Let’s say that you’ve been in business for many years. At some point, you were part of AIHA’s Consultants Listing, but now that the business has been running steadily, you’re thinking about skipping out this year. That would be a mistake. Even if you’ve been in the business for a while and have a solid client base, there are many more people who still don’t know about the services you provide. Being in the Consultants Listing tells users you’re still in the game, you know your stuff, and you’re eager to help them. It also provides a great opportunity to showcase the services you offer.

4. It expands your business by reaching new partners and investors.

Individuals with urgent issues to address are not the only ones who visit AIHA’s directory. Businesses looking for a potential partner to work with often start their search with AIHA’s Consultants Listing. The directory can be a great stepping stone to new frontiers.

So reach out to Wanda Barbour for more information about appearing in AIHA’s Consultants Listing.

Ina Xhani

Ina Xhani is AIHA’s communications specialist.


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