September 29, 2022 / Jennifer Newell

Essential Strategies for Hearing Loss Prevention

Hearing is something that many of us take for granted, until it is lost. Sound not only keeps us in tune with what’s going on around us but also helps us interpret and emotionally connect with what we are experiencing.

As wonderful as our auditory system is, it can be easily damaged by hazardous noises and vibrations in our workplaces and communities. Occupational and environmental health and safety professionals are at the forefront of efforts to identify these hazards and prevent noise-induced hearing loss and other disorders.

To that end, AIHA and its members have developed several hearing conservation resources providing guidance to OEHS practitioners and the public.

Public Resources

For general information about noise-induced hearing loss, visit AIHA’s public resource page detailing the importance of hearing conservation, frequently asked questions about noise, and resources that promote prevention and awareness.

Comprehensive Reading on Noise

To access the latest hearing-loss prevention strategies, check out the sixth edition of The Noise Manual released earlier this year. Each chapter was extensively reviewed and updated by long-standing international leaders in the field of hearing conservation. Covering both fundamental concepts and advanced technical information, this publication is relevant to diverse disciplines and knowledge levels.

A Guided Webinar on Noise

On September 27, two of The Noise Manual, 6th edition editors hosted an AIHA University webinar to review best practices in hearing conservation. If you missed it, you can still purchase the recording.

Improving the Practice

AIHA’s Noise Committee is collaborating with the Standards of Care Advisory Group to establish minimum global standards of care for hearing loss prevention. The Noise Committee will be the first of several groups to examine what practitioners are actually doing through the State of the Art vs. State of the Practice survey. This survey will be used to identify and address gaps between current and state-of-the-art OEHS practices. These efforts will help AIHA understand and address barriers preventing hygienists from adopting minimum standards of care practices, thereby empowering practitioners to achieve best-in-class performance.

How to Get Involved

AIHA’s volunteers, like those on the Noise Committee, are instrumental in the development of resources that support OEHS professionals in their pursuit of healthier workplaces and a healthier world. AIHA members can join several different committees to exchange ideas with like-minded professionals and advocate for public support. If you are not an AIHA member, consider taking your seat at the table by joining AIHA.

Jennifer Newell

Jennifer Newell is AIHA’s program director for digital marketing.


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