January 19, 2021 / George P. Daston

Explore New Research at the 2021 Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting

A chief concern in the field of toxicology is understanding industrial, chemical, and environmental exposures in occupational settings and how they affect public health. Within the Society of Toxicology (SOT), toxicologists who specialize in this area are part of the SOT Occupational and Public Health Specialty Section (OPHSS), which seeks to integrate exposure, toxicological, and epidemiological principles and research approaches for the purpose of addressing occupational, environmental, and public health issues. As part of these efforts, the OPHSS endorses and helps organize myriad scientific sessions each year for the SOT Annual Meeting—many of which are likely of interest to you as an occupational health professional.

On behalf of SOT, I would like to invite you and your fellow AIHA members to attend the Virtual 2021 SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo to discover the latest toxicological research and innovations informing occupational and public health.

Taking place March 12–26, the meeting will feature six scientific sessions endorsed by OPHSS:

  • Turning Over a New Leaf: An Update on the Clinical Toxicology of Synthetic Cannabinoids
  • New Approach Methodologies for Exposure: Advancing Chemical Risk Assessment
  • Challenges and New Approaches in Characterizing Toxicity within the Military
  • Are Aircraft Cabin Fume Releases a Cause for Toxicological Concern?
  • New Approaches for the Identification and Evaluation of Chemical Respiratory Sensitizers
  • SETAC-SOT Session: Environmental Risk Assessment of PFAS

Other sessions and poster presentations will also discuss topics related to toxicology in the workplace, such as the applicability of new research techniques in metal exposures to occupational health, the use of new approach methodologies to assess risk from occupational exposures to inhaled toxicants, and the complexity of assessing indoor pollution in occupational and household environments.

All scientific content will be available as scheduled presentations and on-demand offerings. You can find sessions that interest you through the 2021 Preliminary Program (PDF) or the SOT Online Planner.

In addition to the educational content, the Virtual 2021 SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo will set aside spaces for networking and social engagement, so attendees may connect with friends and colleagues, develop new partnerships, and engage in mentorship and career development activities. Online chats, live Q&As, and small-group video meetings are just some of the opportunities available to our Virtual Meeting participants.

Early-bird registration rates for the SOT Annual Meeting are available until January 22, 2021. With eliminated travel costs and flexible access to our meeting content, I hope that you will join SOT to discover the cutting-edge work informing toxicology and occupational health.

George P. Daston

George P. Daston, PhD, is the 2020–2021 SOT president.


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