January 18, 2024 / Riley Cagle

Gavel Down, Gearing Up: 2024 State Legislative Sessions and How AIHA Empowers You

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The echoes of the gavel are beginning to ring across state capitols, marking the official start of the 2024 legislative sessions. For occupational and environmental health and safety professionals, this signals a renewed call to action: a chance to influence policies that impact worker well-being across the nation.

State legislatures will introduce thousands of bills that will impact the OEHS profession in the coming months. In this crucial landscape, AIHA stands as your unwavering advocate. Through our robust State Team Program and the comprehensive resources of the AIHA Grassroots Advocacy Center, we equip you with the tools and knowledge to effectively engage with your state legislators and make a tangible difference.

Amplifying Your Voice: The Power of AIHA's State Teams

At the heart of AIHA's legislative influence lies its network of dedicated State Teams. These grassroots groups, composed of passionate OEHS professionals across the United States, form the vital link between local concerns and national advocacy efforts.

State Teams serve as your on-the-ground allies, providing invaluable support by:

  • monitoring state legislative activity and keeping you informed about relevant bills, regulations, and hearings related to OEHS through the cutting-edge technology of weekly reports powered by FiscalNote
  • mobilizing members and providing you with opportunities to self-organize and advocate for your priorities on the state level
  • training members in advocacy, equipping you with the skills and confidence to effectively communicate with your legislators
  • building relationships and fostering connections with key policymakers and stakeholders within your state

With AIHA's State Team Program, you're not alone. You're part of a nationwide network of experts, united in a common goal: protecting the health and safety of workers through informed policymaking.

Empowering Advocacy: Your Arsenal at the AIHA Advocacy Center

The AIHA Grassroots Advocacy Center powered by VoterVoice serves as your one-stop shop for legislative resources and guidance. It houses a wealth of tools and information to equip you for impactful advocacy, including:

  • Bill tracking. Get real-time updates on the status of key OEHS-related bills across all states.
  • Action alerts. Join outreach campaigns to quickly make your voice heard.
  • State-specific resources. Access tailored information and contacts relevant to your local legislative landscape.

The Grassroots Advocacy Center empowers you to navigate the complexities of state and federal politics and communicate your expertise to legislators with clarity and impact. By visiting the Grassroots Advocacy Center and taking only a few minutes to sign up for alerts, you will be the first to know of major legislative developments, with the power to take immediate action and make your voice heard. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity—act now!

The Time to Act Is Now: Make Your Voice Heard in 2024

As state legislatures kick into gear, the opportunities for shaping worker safety policies are ripe. Whether it's pushing for stronger chemical exposure limits, advocating for better access to personal protective equipment, or opposing harmful legislative rollbacks of protections, your voice matters.

Join the AIHA State Team Program by reaching out to me and leveraging the resources of the AIHA Grassroots Advocacy Center. Together, we can amplify the voices of OEHS professionals and ensure that worker safety remains a top priority in the 2024 legislative sessions.

Remember, even the smallest action can spark significant change. So, join a State Team, utilize the Grassroots Advocacy Center resources, and make your voice heard. Let's make 2024 a year of impactful advocacy for worker safety and health!

Riley Cagle

Riley Cagle is AIHA’s advocacy associate.


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