August 14, 2018 / Gouhar Nayeem

#IAmIH: The Impact of Your Donations

The American Industrial Hygiene Foundation (AIHF)​ was created to advance the profession by awarding scholarships to fund education and professional development for promising students in industrial hygiene and related disciplines. Over 680 students have been awarded nearly $2 million to help alleviate their financial burden and make their educational goals a reality.​

One such scholarship recipient, Paige Gallant, received her Bachelor of Science in Cellular, Molecular, Microbial Biology, and will be graduating from the Master of Science program at the University of British Columbia in occupational and environmental hygiene at the end of this year. Thanks to AIHF, Paige will be using the scholarship money she was awarded to pay off the majority of her tuition for the remaining semester.

Paige was born with a neurological disorder, spina bifida, that has impacted her educational goals in various ways and has burdened her with the additional expenses of medical prescriptions. Thanks to the scholarship, Paige will now be able to pay for her educational expenses without having to worry about taking away from essential expenses, such as treatment, rent, and groceries.

In her free time, she is learning how to play golf and has adopted two rescue cats, Tarzan and Jane. Paige was also able to attend AIHce EXP 2018 in Philadelphia, held this past May, and returned home feeling thankful and proud to be a part of a benevolent community of professionals that work tirelessly to protect the health and safety of workers. She is thrilled at the opportunity the scholarship has given her to better connect with her professors and future employers.

Funding the education and professional development of students like Paige ensures that new talent continues to enter the field. The future success and growth of the industry is dependent on IH students’ success and our support. These scholarships have enabled talented students to complete their education and encouraged the most promising scholars to enter or remain in the industrial hygiene profession.

Are you interested in supporting the growth and development of industrial hygiene? Make a difference in the lives of aspiring IH students by donating​ to AIHF today!


Paige Gallant
2018 AIHF and Kyle B. Dotson ​Scholarship Recipient

“Thank you so much for relieving my financial stress as I finish my last semester as a Master of Science student at the University of British Columbia. Your kind gift has helped me get one step closer to my vocational goals. My confidence in my [industrial] hygiene work has increased immensely after finding out I was a successful recipient of a 2018 AIHF scholarship. The recognition has been so humbling, and it has allowed me to expand my industry contacts. I have no doubt that including this scholarship as an accomplishment on my resume will help facilitate future employment opportunities. Your thoughtfulness was so well-received, and you have unquestionably made a positive impact on my life.”

Gouhar Nayeem

​Gouhar Nayeem works in AIHA’s Marketing and Communications department.​


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