American Industrial Hygiene Foundation

Preparing Professionals to Serve America's Workers

The mission of the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation (AIHF) is to advance the profession by awarding scholarship​​​s for students in industrial hygiene and related disciplines, and funding training/professional development opportunities for industrial hygienists in the first 15 years of their professional careers in industrial hygiene and related disciplines.

Since 1982, AIHF has distributed $1,784, 926 to 591 students studying industrial hygiene and related disciplines at 54 different schools and universities. These scholarships have enabled talented students to complete their education and have encouraged the most promising scholars to enter or remain in the industrial hygiene profession.

Administration of AIHF is conducted through its Board of Trustees, who are elected members and serve on a volunteer basis only. Additionally, staff members of the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation are compensated through a gift-in-kind donation from the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

The AIHF is exempt from federal income taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the AIHF are tax-deductible, as provided by law. 

To contact AIHF, call Laurie Mutdosch at (703) 846-0735 or Thursa Pecoraro at (703) 846-0768 or


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​Scholars and Volunteers Speak Out

"From the depth of my soul, I wish to thank the AIHF for this scholarship.  It was a lifeline."

Ola Olatunde
AIHF 2011 - 2012 Scholarship Award Recipient

“My Fou​ndation scholarship means I can replace my ailing computer. With a new computer I will be able to finish and hopefully publish my research. Thanks to all the contributors!” 

Nancy Brinton, University of Utah​
AIHF 2009–2010 Scholarship Award Recipient 

“Being the recipient of an AIHF scholarship means a lot to me. Having completed a Bachelors degree in IH and currently pursuing a Masters degree in IH, I believe that the work I do is very important, though often unrecognized. This scholarship is recognition of the many years I’ve spent preparing to be an industrial hygienist. As a married graduate student with a small family, finances are often tight. This scholarship has made it possible for me to work fewer hours outside of school and focus more on completing my degree. I hope to be able to give back to the foundation one day so that other students can benefit from this award.” 

Kevin M. Abernethy, University of Michigan
George and Florence Clayton Scholarship Recipient 

“I was awarded an American Industrial Hygiene Foundation scholarship in 2007, specifically the Chicago Local Section Scholarship. This scholarship has been an unbelievable financial blessing. It has paid for much-needed books and school supplies. In addition, it has inspired both an incredible sense of pride and accomplishment for the work I have done as a student. The award has been an extraordinary source of encouragement. I largely contribute my decision to continue in the Purdue University MS and PhD program to this award. From experience, I can also say that it has motivated additional involvement in AIHA, serving now as a student local section President and as their Graduate Student Advisor. I hope to expand this involvement in the future, and again, I would like to thank both the AIHF and the Chicago Local Section for their remarkable support.” 

Beauregard Middaugh
AIHA Chicago Local Section Scholarship Recipient

“Our members place a high priority on contributing to the future of IH. We see that a lot of our members are getting older. We want to see more young people have the opportunity to become industrial hygienists. It’s really important to us to support the Foundation as a means of encouraging and growing the profession.” 

Andrew Kalil, ScD, CIH
President, AIHA New England Local Section

“The AIHA Chicago Local Section believes that it is essential to support and provide opportunities to students who have made the commitment to pursue a career in industrial hygiene.” 

Robert Rottersman, MS, CIH
President, AIHA Chicago Local Section 

“The Georgia Local Section (GLS) had been interested in donating to AIHF over the years, but we wanted to help support a local school and were somewhat restricted by what we thought was a requirement that limited Foundation scholarships only to ABET-accredited schools. The University of Georgia (UGA) has an excellent environmental health sciences program with many graduates becoming active members of the GLS and/or the industrial hygiene community at large. In 2005, UGA formed a College of Public Health (CPH). Although not ABET-accredited, the College was in the process of pursuing accreditation by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). We were very pleased that AIHF allowed us to earmark UGA’s CPH for scholarship applications, and we were further pleased to learn that Femi Adetona, UGA-CPH PhD student, was not only the recipient of our local section scholarship but also was awarded additional monies from AIHF.” 

Barb Epstien, MPH, CIH
President, AIHA Georgia Local Section 

"There are many reasons why we give as an organization, but there are two main ones. First, we all owe someone else for our education, whether it was family, a company, or a professional organization. It is only right that we give back so that others can be as fortunate as we have been. Second, it is vital for our profession that we continue to have well-educated members who will do their jobs well. As a profession, we suffer when another industrial hygienist or safety professional is under-qualified or undereducated, so the scholarship fund will ensure that those who are joining our ranks are the best educated and the best qualified that they can be.” 

Chandra Gioiello
Secretary, AIHA Connecticut River Valley Local Section

“Giving to the AIHF encourages qualified people to enter and pursue our profession which is exactly what our profession needs to keep it strong especially in light of the baby boomer generation approaching retirement." 

Timothy J. Martin, CIH
President, AIHA Western Michigan Local Section 

"The AIHA - Northern California Section (AIHA-NCS) has long had a commitment to student scholarships and has been awarding students who attend local universities since the early 1980s. Like many, we know that the future of the profession lies in the next generation of IHs. In 2007 AIHA-NCS decided to reach out beyond the local San Francisco Bay Area, recognizing that students at other California schools may eventually relocate or come back home to the Bay Area. Thus we made a five-year commitment to the AIHF to award an AIHA-NCS annual scholarship to a deserving student attending a California college or university. We hope that we've set an example for other local sections to follow and to someday benefit by adding to our local pool of talented professionals." 

Laurel A. Davis, MPH, CIH
President-Elect, AIHA Northern California Local Section