2021 - 2022 AIHF Scholarship Cycle Has Ended
Check back in Fall 2022 on How to Apply for the 2022 - 2023 Cycle


All full or part time students who will be enrolled in one of the following programs at the start of the Fall 2022 semester are eligible to apply:

  • A graduate or undergraduate degree program that is fully ABET-accredited under the Industrial Hygiene and Similarly Named Programs, or under Environmental, Health, and Safety and Similarly Named Programs, or under the Occupational Safety and Health and Similarly Named Programs Criteria.
  • A graduate public health degree program fully accredited by CEPH, with a program concentration in Environment Health with a focus in Industrial Hygiene or Occupational Health.
  • An Industrial Hygiene or similar named program offered at a NIOSH-ERC or a NIOSH Training Project Grant in Industrial Hygiene.
  • An industrial hygiene or similarly named program at one of the following Canadian institutions: McGill University, University of British Columbia, Universite de Montreal, Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres, or University of Toronto.
  • The M.S. in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene program at New York University (NYU). Only NYU students are eligible for the Dr. Morton Lippmann Scholarship.

Students who are not enrolled in any of the listed programs above are still eligible to apply. In order to qualify, a school administrator must complete a separate application​ justifying why their program/students should be considered for an AIHF scholarship. The deadline to submit a school application form is January 10, 2022.

Supplemental Scholarship Application Materials

When completing the AIHF scholarship application, applicants will be asked to upload or send the following materials listed below. Please pay close attention to the following 6 key parts of your application submittal.

  • Academic transcripts from all undergraduate programs, and if applicable transcripts from graduate and doctoral programs.
    • If transcripts are not available, applicants may submit an unofficial grade report signed by the Department Chair.
  • Personal/Professional Statement (no more than 2 pages)
    • We ask that the following points are addressed in your statement:
      • Why do you want to be in the Industrial Hygiene profession?
      • What is your specific interest in the IH field?
      • Describe any industrial hygiene professional activities in which you are/have been involved.
      • What are your long-term goals in the profession? For example, become a CIH, research, etc.
      • Why are you the best candidate to receive a scholarship
    • Optional: If you’re interested in being eligible for the President’s Leadership Award, please address the following in your personal/professional statement:
      • · Highlight how you demonstrate scientific, literary, and research acumen in industrial hygiene, environmental and occupational health disciplines.
  • Capstone Project/Thesis Description/Internship
    • For All Applicants: Provide a succinct but complete one paragraph description summarizing your research thesis/project or capstone project. Include your hypothesis (i.e. what is the question you want to answer), its relevance to industrial hygiene and the reason for its selection, and how you are or would go about conducting the project.
    • If you have not yet selected your capstone project or research thesis/project/intern project, or if your program does not require one, select a topic relevant to industrial hygiene that you would be interested in investigating or that you think requires investigating and follow the guidelines in the previous paragraph.
  • Current resume or CV (no more than 2 pages)
    • In addition to including a summary of all work experiences and internships. Please make sure to also include any of the following:
      • Honors, awards, and other scholarships received
      • Volunteer and extracurricular activities at school and in the community
      • Volunteer and participation in Industrial Hygiene, Public Health and Safety organizations such as local student sections
  • A digital, high resolution (minimum 300 dpi) professional photo
    • Your photo will not be supplied to the AIHF Scholarship Advisory Committee, who is responsible for selecting scholarship recipients. If selected for an AIHF scholarship, it will be used at the discretion of AIHF/AIHA in the publication, marketing, and solicitation of donations and materials.
  • Two professional letters of recommendations are REQUIRED.
    • One must come from a professor from your academic program. The other should come from a CIH or IH professional (this criteria can be met by your professor). If these two categories can be met by the same individual, a second professional reference is still needed.
    • Letters must be emailed directly by your reference to [email protected]. Reference letters submitted by the student are not accepted.
    • Reference letters must be no longer than two pages in length and must be on letterhead. Be sure to emphasize to your references, how important their reference letter is to the decision-making process.
    • Please ask that your references address the following points:
      • For how long have you known the applicant and what sets them apart from their peers?
      • What are the applicant’s strongest characteristics or strengths?
      • How would you assess the applicant’s passion and enthusiasm for the field of industrial hygiene?
      • If applicable, how would you assess the applicant’s critical industrial hygiene skills.
      • Please provide any additional insight you believe will assist the scholarship committee in its decision regarding the applicant (interpersonal skills, demonstrated leadership skills, academic performance, work ethics, etc.)

Application Deadline

The deadline to submit all AIHF application materials is February 7, 2022. All materials must be completed and answered in full. Students who submit a completed scholarship application will be considered for all scholarships for which they are eligible.

Instructions for Submitting a Nomination

  • If you do not complete the process in one sitting, the system will not save the information and you will have to restart the process from the beginning.
  • If the submission has been completed successfully, you will get a confirmation email.
  • If you have any issues with your application, please contact Thursa Pecoraro.

Review and Selection Process

The AIHF Scholarship Advisory Committee will begin its independent review process in February 2022. All applicants will be notified by mid-April of the committee’s decision. All scholarship funds will be distributed in the fall of 2022, and all recipients will be recognized publicly at the AIHce EXP 2022, May 23 – 25 in Nashville, Tennessee.


Please contact Thursa Pecoraro.