July 11, 2023 / Riley Cagle

Join AIHA's State Team Program for a Brighter Future

Every day, state lawmakers make decisions that impact your work in big ways. These decisions can dramatically affect your livelihood, for better or worse. With this in mind, AIHA tries to cover as much state legislation and regulation as possible, so you can feel secure that you’re being looked out for and represented when decisions are made. But we can't do it all alone. We need heroes like you to raise your voices in the halls of state legislatures on the issues that affect you the most.

That's why AIHA is thrilled to introduce our new State Team Program, which provides you with unprecedented access to tools and information to closely monitor and respond to government actions. This new and innovative way of tackling government relations puts the power in your hands and seeks to increase our footprint in the policy space so we can make safer workplaces for all. By joining this program, you'll receive weekly reports that compile bills and regulations in your state, keeping you informed and engaged on the actions being taken by your policymakers. Let's explore how AIHA's State Team Program empowers you to make a difference, with the support, resources, and guidance you need.

Government Relations at Your Fingertips

AIHA's State Team Program ensures you're equipped with the latest information on bills and regulations relevant to our policy priorities and the OEHS industry. The comprehensive weekly reports cover a range of essential details, including breakdowns by issue area, status in the legislative process, bill summaries, introduction dates, titles, floor scores, and the most recent actions taken. Each bill number is hyperlinked within the report, providing access to granular information such as full lists of actions, texts, amendments, sponsors, legislature details, and the Whip Board, which shows you how each legislator is projected to vote based on the data.

Flexibility and Autonomy

With AIHA's State Team Program, the power to make decisions lies in your hands. We respect your autonomy and understand that the actions you take on the bills and regulations listed in the reports are entirely up to you. You have the freedom to choose whether to raise awareness, explore additional issues beyond the reports, or take no action at all. AIHA does not direct your actions but instead provides a supportive environment to facilitate your independent engagement. Our government relations staff will still actively pursue our policy priorities at the federal level and in select states, coordinating efforts with the State Teams.

Support, Development, and Guidance

As a member of AIHA's State Team Program, you gain access to an array of resources designed to support your success. Our government relations staff is committed to providing you with the necessary tools, professional development opportunities, and guidance to excel in your role.

Here's a glimpse of what's in store for you:

  • Weekly government relations office hours: Join AIHA's government relations team every Wednesday at 1 p.m. Eastern time to ask all your government relations questions and benefit from their expertise. No reservations needed—drop in anytime and stay as long as you like. Join the meeting through Microsoft Teams.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous training: Learn how to read your weekly reports effectively, navigate legislation and regulations in your state, craft persuasive letters or emails to legislators and agency leaders, organize impactful meetings with key decision-makers, and more.
  • Understanding the legislative process: Gain insights into how bills become laws, including different types of bills, to help you navigate the complex world of policymaking.
  • Funding and partnerships: Discover how state and local agencies are funded in your state, and learn effective strategies to identify, connect with, and partner with other professional associations, nonprofits, and businesses in your community and state.

Requesting Support and Taking Action

To facilitate your engagement and amplify your impact, AIHA will provide a short online form through which you can request support from our government relations staff. Whether you want to send a letter on AIHA letterhead to policymakers, set up meetings, hold events, or send communications to raise awareness about an issue, we're here to help. Additionally, by notifying us of the actions you've taken, we can track the effectiveness of the program and collectively measure our progress.

A Path Forward to Healthier Workplaces and Communities

As a member of AIHA's State Team Program, you'll be invited to numerous professional development events, offering valuable learning opportunities. These events aim to enhance your understanding of how government works and deepen your knowledge of the issues that matter most to you. By actively participating in these events, you contribute to creating healthier workplaces and communities for all.

Spread the Word and Expand Our Impact

We believe in the strength of diverse teams and inclusive collaboration. As you embark on this journey with AIHA's State Team Program, we encourage you to invite your fellow AIHA members to join us. Government relations influence all our lives, and by expanding our network, we amplify our collective voice and capacity for meaningful change.

How to Join

AIHA's State Team Program empowers you to engage with government actions that impact our industry and the issues you care about. By providing comprehensive reports, resources, and professional development opportunities, we equip you with the tools to drive change. With the support of AIHA's government relations staff, you have the freedom to decide your actions, whether it's advocating for policy changes, raising awareness, or collaborating with other stakeholders. Together, let's pave the way for healthier workplaces and communities. Join AIHA's State Team Program today and be part of a transformative movement.

Riley Cagle

Riley Cagle is AIHA’s advocacy associate.


Dina Siegel

This is great, Riley! It makes the process of making a difference in your state a whole lot easier. Thank you!!

By Dina Siegel on July 11, 2023 3:59pm

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