February 21, 2023 / Gouhar Nayeem

Take Advantage of New Member Benefits

This year, AIHA is introducing three new, important benefits that all members will want to utilize to the fullest.

1. AIHA’s Perks Marketplace

AIHA’s Perks Marketplace can help you save money on your business and personal purchases. Once you’ve registered on the marketplace page, sign in and click on the benefits tab to explore offerings. Current deals include discounts at Ace Hardware, Staples, and UPS, among others. Registered users of the Perks Marketplace will receive notifications when new deals are available.

2. BadgeCert

Digitally showcase your hard-earned certifications, designations, and affiliations through BadgeCert, a platform that helps you gain visibility by building your personal brand. You can advance your career by accessing digital badges and uploading them to your LinkedIn page or to job boards. Digital badging also provides evidence of your affiliation with AIHA, a reputable and respected association in the OEHS world. More information on this new benefit is forthcoming.

3. Discounts Through New Membership Classifications

In addition to individual memberships, AIHA now offers an organizational group membership that allows employers to enroll multiple employees for a lower overall cost. Organizational group membership with AIHA can provide cost savings on publications and events (an especially timely benefit with AIHce EXP coming up), networking opportunities, professional development, access to industry research and resources, and increased credibility.

Being a member of a professional organization like AIHA can increase an organization's credibility in the eyes of clients, regulators, and other stakeholders. Membership shows a commitment to staying informed and up to date on best practices in the field and a dedication to ensuring the health and safety of workers. For organizations looking to support the professional growth of their employees and improve their practices related to industrial hygiene, it's a valuable option to consider.

AIHA also now has a special membership category for active-duty U.S. military personnel, with proof of military ID, that offers individual members a fifty percent savings on full or early career professional memberships.

Other Benefits

In addition to these new benefits, members still have access to Catalyst, our online discussion board; AIHA University, with discounted webinars and courses for AIHA members; discounted AIHce EXP registration; a subscription to The Synergist and access to its digital archives; CareerAdvantage, our job board; sixty-plus volunteer groups; comprehensive, affordable, and customizable professional liability insurance coverage for members' businesses; and more.

Of these many benefits, our mentoring program is especially noteworthy due to its recent upgrade to the Qooper platform, which uses a customized algorithm to match you with an appropriate mentor or mentee in less than five minutes. Through the mentoring program, you can participate in self-paced learning modules that develop your leadership skills. Completing modules helps you earn learning badges. You can also easily network in community rooms based on your interests.

Don’t let another day go by without making the most of your AIHA membership: take a few minutes to start your mentoring journey.

Gouhar Nayeem

Gouhar Nayeem is AIHA’s associate for strategic membership engagement and growth.


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