September 19, 2019 / Mark Saner

Top Five Lab Safety Tips

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From fires and explosions to sharp objects, pathogens, and dangerous chemicals, laboratories are home to a variety of hazards. To help promote lab safety, Bulwark Protection—a manufacturer of protective workwear, including lab coats—recommends following these safety tips:

1. Establish a Comprehensive Safety Program

Based on the hazards in your laboratory and the applicable safety standards and regulations, determine the equipment, procedures, emergency protocols, and environmental conditions that will best facilitate safety. Be sure to document the program and complete ongoing audits as needed.

2. Create a Culture of Safety

Once you’ve established a safety program, it is important to communicate all safety information clearly and ensure laboratory personnel and visitors fully understand the actions they need to take. Make sure that safety is treated as a top priority and that each individual has the safety resources he or she needs and feels comfortable bringing up safety concerns.

3. Follow Safe Work Practices

Outlining safety procedures is one thing; following them consistently is another. Even basics such as keeping food out of the lab, storing chemicals correctly, practicing good housekeeping in work areas, and washing your hands can easily be forgotten. Remember that skipping a step even once can have devastating consequences.

4. Use the Proper PPE

Personal protective equipment can include lab coats, safety glasses or goggles, gloves, and more. Always ensure that the equipment you select is designed for the hazards present in your laboratory. For example, you may need lab coats that are flame resistant (FR), offer chemical-splash protection (CP), or provide a combination of both (FR/CP).

5. Regularly Re-evaluate Your Approach

Even if you have a strong safety program in place and have gone a while without an accident, it is still important to be vigilant. Stay on the lookout for potential safety issues as well as new innovations in laboratory safety, and continue to improve your program over time.

Bulwark Protection manufactures chemical-splash protection (CP) lab coats, flame-resistant (FR) lab coats and FR/CP lab coats that combine thermal and chemical-splash protection in a single garment.

Mark Saner

Mark Saner is the FR technical manager for Bulwark. He brings more than 35 years of experience in the fire and safety industry to his work, including 29 years in technical support, safety standards, and product development for the Akron Brass Manufacturing Company. Mark participates in a number of NFPA and ASTM standards committees related to flame-resistant fabric and clothing requirements and performance testing.


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