Conferences, Meetings and Expositions

AIHce 2014

The premier event for thousands of occupational and environmental health and safety professionals world wide, AIHce offers a comprehensive menu of educational programs from exposure assessment to product stewardship and sustainability, and everything in between, plentiful opportunities for networking, and a bustling expo. Further your career and our mission of protecting worker health.

  • AIHce On Demand​ provides you access to digitally captured AIHce sessions online as multimedia recreations, including streaming audio of speaker presentations synched to PowerPoint slides. Select sessions also offer software demonstrations, hyperlinks to resources and tools, and video clips. AIHce 2011 and 2012 sessions are available now; AIHce 2013 sessions from Montreal will be posted shortly.​

  • See the abstracts from conferences past.


AIHA 2014 Fall Conference

Have conversations that matter at AIHA Fall Conference—the best opportunity of the year to network with colleagues in a collaborative, intimate and engaging environment. AIHA Fall Conference has something for everyone, whether you are a student, a mid-level professional or have been in the profession for years.


Co-hosted by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and the Malaysian Industrial Hygiene Association (MIHA), two of the world's premier industrial hygiene organisations, the AIHA/MIHA 2014 Asia Pacific OH Conference + Exhibition offers high-quality education and training to manage industrial hygiene, occupational health, and environmental health and safety issues in the workplace.


Future Leaders Institute

The Future Leaders focuses on strengthening the leadership skills of young IH professionals and is designed for young professionals with fewer than 15 years of work experience.  The next Future Leaders Institute will be held in 2014 in conjunction with the AIHA Fall Conference.  Information about how to apply for the 2014 Future Leaders Institute will be forthcoming.

FLI focuses on four main areas:

  • Broadening Interpersonal Perspectives: Increasing participants’ understanding of their strengths and how to leverage them, as well as how to interact with and engage the different personalities and work styles of others. In addition, attendees examine best practices of effective managers and leaders.

  • Broadening Organizational Perspectives: Enhancing understanding of:

    • How strategic decisions are made by employers

    • How to position industrial hygiene and safety issues relative to their organization’s key business priorities

    • How to increase their scope of influence and better position their contributions

  • Collaborative/Teamwork Efforts: Examining the key components of successful teams and collaborative efforts and the specific actions leaders must perform to make them effective. Learning how to more effectively manage conflicts and differences of perspectives.

  • Managing Your Future: Exploring personal and professional aspirations and the possible career pathways that will support them, how to advance within one’s organization and the profession, and how to build an effective network of mentors and peers.

Future Leaders Institute is made possible by the support of AIHA and donations from past FLI Alumni and AIHA members. Donations to support the program are tax deductible as allowed by law. To support the future leaders of the association and the profession please donate now.