This scholarship is given in honor of Debbie Dietrich’s illustrious career and ongoing dedication to the IH field in her retirement. The hope is that this scholarship will help empower a new generation of women to advance and lead in the IH sector. This scholarship is funded by SKC Inc. as a thank you to Debbie for her many years at SKC and for sharing her enthusiasm for Industrial Hygiene education.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

In awarding the Debbie Dietrich Women in Industrial Hygiene Scholarship, preference is given to a female undergraduate or graduate student in a program with a declared major in the field of Occupational Safety & Health, Industrial Hygiene, Risk Sciences or Environmental Engineering, advancing the protection of occupational, community, and/or public health.

The applicant must demonstrate through a written response an area where they have demonstrated leadership qualities that directly impacted or elevated women in their industry of work, community, school, or area of study.


2023 - 2024
Natalie Conti, University of Michigan
Ashley Van Winckel, University of Michigan

2022 - 2023
Denali Sanders, Colorado State University

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