October 15, 2020

Workshop to Explore Theoretical Background of Exposure Models

A workshop scheduled for Oct. 20 will address challenges in developing, validating, and using occupational exposure assessment models for regulatory purposes. According to the European chapter of the International Society of Exposure Science, which is facilitating the workshop, presenters will discuss the applicability of current models, the models’ limitations, and future modeling initiatives. Presenters will focus on the Advanced REACH Tool, or ART, which estimates exposures for inhalable dust, vapors, and mists, and Stoffenmanager, an online system for identifying chemical hazards and controlling exposures in workplaces.

AIHA member Susan Arnold of the University of Minnesota will present with Joonas Koivisto on a mass-balance approach to modeling. Arnold and Koivisto were coauthors of a 2019 paper in Science of the Total Environment that identified errors in the multipliers used in Stoffenmanager. John W. Cherrie, with several coauthors, recently published a response to this and other criticisms of Stoffenmanager in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. At the ISES Europe workshop, Cherrie will give a presentation on the modeling used in Stoffenmanager and ART.

For more information and a full schedule of presentations, visit ISES Europe.