January 14, 2021

EPA Updates Modeling Tool for Evaluating Chemicals' Carcinogenic Potential

EPA has released an updated version of OncoLogic, a publicly accessible online tool that uses rule sets based on cancer studies in humans and animals as well as information provided by users to estimate the carcinogenicity potential of chemicals.

Version 9.0 of OncoLogic provides a streamlined user interface, a standardized reporting format intended to allow users to quickly view and export results, and additional transparency related to the science behind the tool’s predictions. While Version 9.0 is equipped to evaluate organic chemicals, the largest group of chemicals in the OncoLogic system, the preceding Version 8.0 remains available and can analyze fibers, metals, and polymers.

OncoLogic is peer-reviewed and designed to help researchers and organizations in evaluating the cancer potential of chemicals. For more information or to download the tool, refer to EPA’s press release or the OncoLogic webpage.