August 12, 2021

NIOSH Announces Webinars for Respiratory Protection Week

NIOSH has opened registration for two webinars that will be held during and in connection with the agency’s 2021 Respiratory Protection Week, Sept. 7–10. During the Sept. 7 webinar “The Future of Respiratory Protection and Other Personal Protective Equipment,” NIOSH presenters will discuss the application of new and emerging technologies to respiratory protection and other PPE, the role of PPE in non-traditional settings, and efforts to address the insufficiency of research into the needs of populations underserved by current PPE. (NIOSH is currently seeking information on needs and challenges related to the use of PPE among U.S. worker populations who are underserved when it comes to PPE use, availability, accessibility, acceptability, or knowledge. The deadline for public comment is Aug. 23.)

The other Respiratory Protection Week webinar, titled “Authorities Associated with Respiratory Protection – The Role of NIOSH, the FDA, and OSHA,” will be held on Sept. 9. This webinar will clarify the roles of NIOSH, the Food and Drug Administration, and OSHA in respiratory protection during both conventional and emergency response situations. The speakers, who will represent each of the named organizations, will also cover the ways in which respiratory protection has changed during the previous year.

Respiratory Protection Week is an annual event held by NIOSH to highlight the importance of safeguarding workers’ respiratory health on the job. For more information, including on how to participate, visit NIOSH’s website.