January 6, 2022

New NIOSH Booklet Provides Solutions for Controlling Dust in Mines

Simple Solutions for Dusty Environments at Metal/Nonmetal Mines, a booklet published by NIOSH in December, is intended to help health and safety professionals control occupational exposures to dust at surface mines and facilities. According to NIOSH, the solutions presented in the booklet can help reduce dust exposures as well as risks for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and traumatic injuries.

The booklet lists common contributors to dust exposure and risk factors for MSDs and traumatic injuries, then describes common work tasks and practices at mining operations. For each task or practice, NIOSH describes the associated risk factors, potential problems and accompanying solutions, and suggestions for additional improvements. A separate section of the booklet focused on additional resources provides links to other NIOSH publications covering mine health and safety.

For more information or to download the booklet as a free PDF, visit NIOSH’s website.