June 8, 2023

New NIOSH Course Focuses on Safety Culture in Healthcare

A new course for healthcare workers available from NIOSH focuses on safety culture in healthcare settings. The agency describes a positive safety culture as one in which “workers and employers do not tolerate unsafe and unhealthy work practices.” Course participants will learn to describe the importance of safety culture in healthcare settings, identify common work-related risks and hazards, and explain strategies to prevent and control occupational injuries and illnesses. The course also aims to help learners identify leadership strategies that can improve safety culture for healthcare workers.

“A robust workplace safety culture is an essential component of life-long professional development and welfare at work,” the course introduction stresses.

The course comprises five modules that NIOSH estimates will take participants 20 to 30 minutes each to complete. Those who complete the course will receive a certificate. Continuing education credits are available for certain professionals, and instructions for obtaining credits can be found on the course webpage. There is no charge to participate in the course.