June 22, 2023

Ocenco Issues Respirator User Notice

Several M-20.3 closed circuit escape respirators (CCERs) manufactured by Ocenco Incorporated have been discovered with low-pressure readings on the devices’ cylinder gauges, according to a respirator user notice (PDF) published this month. The notice explains that end users identified affected devices during inspections prior to the devices being put into service. Ocenco reminds users that M-20.3 CCERs should be visually inspected as described in the devices’ instruction manuals and that any CCERs that fail inspection should be removed from service.

“Failure to remove M-20.3s from service with low pressure readings could result in devices having insufficient oxygen for successful escape from hazardous atmospheres,” the company’s notice stresses.

Ocenco says it will replace low-pressure M-20.3s under warranty where applicable.

The recent notice can be found on the respirator user notices page of the NIOSH National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory website, which lists notices from manufacturers regarding conditions or risks that may exist with NIOSH-certified products.