October 5, 2023

NIOSH Rescinds Three Respirator Approvals Issued to Walter Surface Technologies

NIOSH has honored the request of the company Walter Surface Technologies to voluntarily rescind three of its respirator approvals, the agency announced in a notice published last week. As of Sept. 29, respirators bearing the approval numbers TC-21C-0815, TC-21C-0838, and TC-21C-0881 are no longer approved by NIOSH and may no longer be used, manufactured, assembled, sold, or distributed. The agency directs individuals to contact Walter Surface Technologies for details about the decision to voluntarily rescind these approvals.

NIOSH’s certified equipment list no longer includes the approval numbers TC-21C-0815, TC-21C-0838, and TC-21C-0881. The agency encourages respirator users and others to use this list to determine if respirators they are currently using or considering using are NIOSH-certified. The website of the agency’s National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory provides a list of additional guidance documents intended to inform users of respiratory protective devices.