January 11, 2024

NIOSH Rescinds Respirator Approval Issued to A & Z Pharmaceutical

A notice published this month states that NIOSH has honored the request of the company A & Z Pharmaceutical, Inc. to voluntarily rescind one of its respirator approvals. As of Dec. 6, respirators bearing the approval number TC-84A-9307 are no longer approved by NIOSH and may no longer be used, manufactured, assembled, sold, or distributed. The agency directs individuals to contact A & Z Pharmaceutical regarding inquiries about the decision to voluntarily rescind this approval.

NIOSH’s certified equipment list no longer includes the approval number TC-84A-9307. The agency encourages respirator users and others to use this list to confirm testing and certification approval numbers, which are printed on NIOSH-approved respirators. The website of the agency’s National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory provides a list of additional guidance documents intended to inform users of respiratory protective devices.