February 1, 2024

New Respirator User Notice Applies to Some SCSR/EEB Units

Several M-20.3 self-contained self-rescuer/emergency escape breathing device (SCSR/EEB) units manufactured by Ocenco Incorporated have been found to produce elevated inspired carbon dioxide and inspired wet bulb temperature levels, according to a respirator user notice published in January. The notice explains that these issues were discovered during post-approval testing by NIOSH. The SCSR/EEB units that failed to meet testing requirements exceeded either the average inspired carbon dioxide limit, the average inspired wet bulb temperature limit, and the one-minute excursion inspired wet bulb temperature limit or a combination of two or three of these limits, Ocenco states. The affected part numbers are 940300 and 940301.

Ocenco is working to determine the root cause of the non-conformances as well as what remedial actions are required. The company says it will update its respirator user notice accordingly.

“In the interim, Ocenco would like to inform our customers the elevated carbon dioxide and temperature conditions occur only during very high work activity,” the notice states. “Therefore, Ocenco reminds users to moderate the pace of their escape to reduce their carbon dioxide output, lower their inspired gas temperature, and increase the duration of the device.”

Contact information for the company’s engineering manager, who is fielding questions on this matter, can be found in the notice (PDF).

The recent notice is also available from the respirator user notices page of the NIOSH National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory website, which lists notices from manufacturers regarding conditions or risks that may exist with NIOSH-certified products.