January 9, 2020

EPA Allows More Time for Comments on NMP Draft Risk Evaluation

EPA has extended by two weeks the public comment period on its new draft risk evaluation of N-methylpyrrolidone, or NMP, a common alternative to the solvent methylene chloride. The new deadline for submitting comments is Jan. 21, 2020. EPA says the extension is due to several requests it received from stakeholders for additional time.

EPA’s draft risk evaluation (PDF) was published in November and identifies “unreasonable risks associated with acute and chronic inhalation and dermal exposure” to NMP. The draft document describes how workers and consumers could be adversely affected by NMP under certain conditions of use. EPA reviewed 30 potential uses of NMP to develop its draft risk evaluation. These potential uses include adhesives, sealants, arts and craft paints, paint and coating removers, adhesive removers, and degreasers. The agency did not find risk to the environment, bystanders, or occupational non-users (workers in the general area of NMP use).

EPA will use feedback on the draft risk evaluation to inform its final risk evaluation of NMP. The agency will also use input from the Science Advisory Committee on Chemicals, which reviewed the draft risk evaluation during a meeting last month. SACC is a federal advisory committee charged with providing scientific advice, information, and recommendations to EPA on chemicals regulated under Toxic Substances Control Act legislation.

Visit the docket on Regulations.gov for more information or to view comments that EPA has already received.