May 16, 2019

ISO Surveys Users on Global Management Systems Standard ISO 45001

The International Organization for Standardization has launched a survey on the use of the global standard ISO 45001, Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements. ISO 45001 is a voluntary consensus standard that provides a framework for improving employee health and safety, reducing workplace risks, and creating better, safer working conditions around the world. The standard, which was published in March 2018, applies the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” concept, an iterative process often used as a means to achieve continual improvement of business processes. ISO 45001 has a similar structure to other ISO management systems standards, including ISO 14001, Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use, and ISO 9001, Quality management.

ISO’s survey is intended to collect users’ experiences with ISO 45001 to inform further improvements to the standard. The survey comprises 19 questions of varying formats and is hosted by SurveyMonkey.

More information about ISO 45001 is available on ISO’s website. Further details can be found in the article “The Long Road to ISO 45001,” which was published in the June/July 2018 Synergist. The article focuses on key elements of the standard.