What’s Included

  • Free Powerful and Easy-To-Use Statistical Tools. Access is provided to powerful and easy-to-use free tools for the statistical analysis of exposure monitoring data. These include tools for data analysis using traditional statistics (e.g. IHSTAT) and Bayesian statistics (e.g. IHDA-AIHA and Expostats). For more information, click here.
  • Free Stand-Alone Online Webinar. A free nine-hour “Making Accurate Exposure Risk Decisions” online webinar is available to everyone. It consists of a series of eight videos teaching the properties of lognormally distributed exposure profiles and how to use the free traditional and Bayesian statistical exposure data analysis tools to make accurate exposure risk decisions. The videos were created and presented by leading experts, including lead developers of the free statistical analysis tools. An online practice exam is provided at the end of the webinar for people to test their learning and get feedback on areas where further review is needed.
  • Free Online Independent Validation of Competency and Performance via the AIHA Exposure Decision Analysis Registry Exam. The AIHA Exposure Decision Analysis (EDA) Registry program assesses competency in the skills and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about worker exposure and exposure uncertainty. The program is offered at no cost as a service to the OEHS community. The goal of this program is to improve the accuracy and efficiency of exposure assessment decisions that can be made when using statistical analysis tools. The assessment is composed of two parts: 1) a multiple-choice section that focuses on relevant general knowledge areas; and 2) a multiple-choice section based on the interpretation of supplied datasets.
  • Free Training Materials for Use by Anyone Conducting Virtual or In-Person Training. Free Training Materials (Powerpoint slides, worked examples, group exercises, reference lists) are provided for use by anyone conducting virtual or in-person training - from university faculty training their students to practitioners training other practitioners within their organizations. They might be used for review or refresher by people wishing to hone their knowledge and skills. These training resources have been pulled together from the “Making Accurate Exposure Risk Decisions” webinar and from AIHA’s “Improving IH Exposure Judgments: Train-the-Trainer” PDC.

Steps for Use

1. Teachers review the free training materials from the “Making Accurate Exposure Risk Decisions” webinar and from the Train-the-Trainer PDC.

2. Teachers select appropriate materials that emphasize key points and reinforce critical learning objectives for incorporation into their limited focus lecture and discussion program.

3. Teachers create an assignment for learners to complete steps 4 through 7 by a certain due date.

4. Learners download (and install if necessary) software for performing statistical analysis of data.

5. Learners complete the free “Making Accurate Exposure Risk Decisions” Webinar.

6. Learners complete the free “Practice Exam” associated with the webinar.

7. For missed practice exam questions, learners review the correct exam answers along with the appropriate sections in the webinar and provided worked examples to reinforce correct learning.

8. Teachers conduct lecture program focused on reinforcing key learnings from the webinar.

9. Learners use successful completion of the free Exposure Decision Analysis Registry Exam as a demonstration of learning objective competency and proficiency.

10. Teachers confirm demonstration of competency and proficiency via AIHA Registry list of Registered Specialists - Exposure Decision Analysis. Upon successful completion of the exam, learner’s name will be featured on the AIHA Registry List of Registered Specialists: Exposure Decision Analysis.